Automation and in-mould labelling for the plastic industry


We are proud to announce our new partnership with Yushin Automation - Leading producer of flexible rigid high-speed take-out robots for the injection molding plastic industry.


IML technologies was founded in 2002 and we develop, manufacture and market robot systems and automation equipment for the plastic industry with focus set on high speed automation and in-mould labelling.

We have our background in the field of plastic packaging where in-mould labelling, thin wall moulding, high output, fast cycling and multi cavity systems are key concepts. In this environment our robot systems are dimensioned and developed through the years.

IML technologies

We have many years of experience with automation and in-mould labelling. Our know-how makes us a competent partner to the plastic industry, and it is our wish to be involved as early as possible in the project and to be an active partner in the process.

IML technologies


We see customer focus as fundamental to our business and therefore we continuously aim to adapt our technologies to the demands of our customers.

Our offer includes different robot systems, at the injection moulding machine, for in-mould labelling and/or take-out as well as modules and robot systems for different downstream product handling. We realize complete automation concepts or parts of it as well as customized solutions, all depending on the requirements. Some cornerstones of our offer are highlighted below.

1IML, IML technologies

The continuous development of our side-entry robot systems for in-mould labelling and take-out represents the fundament of IML technologies. We work with standardized technical platform concepts with project unique configurations, in which modularity is the key to meet the demands.

SuperStacker, IML technologies

The SuperStacker is our standardized stand-alone robot system for flexible downstream packing of products through pattern arrangement and stacking. The system is modularly configurable for the specific project and can be used independent of the type of upstream robot system.

Mevisco, IML technologies

To ensure top quality of vision system integrations in our projects we cooperate with the German company Mevisco, as preferred partner. Mevisco are experienced and dedicated to vision technology with focus on high speed systems for optical inspection of products with IML.

Yushin, IML technologies

As representative of Yushin Automation we offer robot systems based on standard top-entry robots from Yushin, as an alternative to our side-entry robots. Yushin is a leading producer of flexible rigid high-speed take-out robots for the injection molding plastic industry.


Over the years we have had the privilege of working together with customers from all over Europe. Our robot systems and automation equipment supports the production of a wide range of their products. A few examples of customers and products below.

RPC Superfos Spies Kunststoffe Thrace Group, a customer to IML tecnologies Modulpac, a customer to IML tecnologies Promens, a customer to IML tecnologies Fernholz

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