Yushin – our partner for top-entry robot systems to the plastic industry


IML technologies is now broadening the offer to the plastic industry through the partnership with Yushin. The cooperation complements our existing program and strengthens us for the future. We will become a stronger supplier to our customers and we will approach a wider category of customers within the injection moulding plastic industry.

We can create complete automation solutions based on a Yushin robot and also basic take-out solutions as well as that we can supply only the robot itself.

The Japanese company Yushin have more than 40 years of experience developing and manufacturing robots specifically for the injection moulding plastic industry. The technical solutions are in the frontline and the program ranges from basic robots to the most sophisticated and high performing robots on the market.

Take-out and stacking, 2-cav. 1ltr. Container

layout sketch

In our first project with a top-entry robot from Yushin we realized a basic automation solution for take-out and stacking of among others a 1ltr. container in 2-cav. execution. A fast, rigid and reliable solution.

To the right you see a layout sketch and a below a media of the system with the IMM.