Quality control is a prerequisite for functional automatic stacking and packing. When processes are automated and no one checks or handles the finished products, an increase in automatic control is required to ensure that quality demands are met.

We usually use optical inspection systems as an integral part of quality control. Each individual product is checked. Is there a label? Is it the right one? And is it properly placed without overmold of the label? Quality control is performed quickly, sometimes at the rate of 200 products per minute.

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For several years, IML technologies has been in partnership with the German company Mevisco, global market leader for optical inspection systems of packaging with IML labels. The collaboration between IML technologies and Mevisco is very close. IML technologies itegrates Mevisco’s vision module as an integral part of our systems.

We have Mevisco  to thank for providing the brain inside the quality control with cameras, lighting and software. The overall intelligence between start and stop as a whole is created by us at IML technologies.


Quality control is not just about rejecting faulty products. From the perspective of productivity, maintaining correct products is also important.

When optical inspection cameras are on the molding tool or on the take-out robot, you risk discarding all products from the same batch even if only one is faulty. By lining the products up and putting all of them through the control station, individual faulty items can be identified and removed instead.

The technique depends on oriented transport and individual quality check and we make it work dependably even when things are going at breakneck speed.